The SME Lending Opportunity


The SME / lower mid market private credit industry is expanding rapidly as banks reduce their lending. SME borrowers must seek new ways to finance their business and investors are increasing their allocations to the asset class.

Banks are withdrawing from SME and corporate lending resulting in a funding gap.

Borrowers must find alternative sources of funding with demand for alternative credit rising sharply.

Investors are providing the capital via private credit strategies, attracted by the uncorrelated returns and the inflation hedge they provide.

A DunPort managed fund provides investors with a unique and compelling investment opportunity

Compelling Risk Adjusted Returns

The DunPort strategy is to deliver mid market solutions to the best of the lower mid market borrower and financial sponsor communities

Opportunity presents a niche strategy to arbitrage reduced risk for higher returns

Unique Skillset
Through the Cycle Experience
Niche UK Market Oppertuinity
Home Market Advantage
Unique Skillset
  • Deep experience transacting in sponsor-less market accounting for 80% of transactions to date
  • DunPort track record is lower mid market biased
  • Partnership / relationship approach to working with management teams helps underpin recovery rates in downside scenario – in both sponsor-less and sponsor backed transaction
Through the Cycle Experience
  • Senior executive team and investment committee has transacted through credit / economic cycles
  • Significant and relevant in-house due diligence and workout / restructuring experience
  • Lower mid market and sponsor-less workout / restructuring experience
  • Not a volume approach to lending, with an average 6 to 9 transactions a year, including follow on portfolio investments
  • Uncompromising approach to diligence be it financial, commercial, sponsor, management and legal
Niche UK Market Oppertuinity
  • DunPort private debt strategy is focused on a materially underserved part of the market where transactions are too big / complex for traditional banks and too small, with a high opportunity cost given dry powder, for larger private debt funds
Home Market Advantage
  • Number 1 provider of non-bank SME / mid-corporate alternative debt finance in Ireland
  • Results in strong risk adjusted returns in home market portfolio
  • Always lower mid market focused – no aspirations to continually upsize successive funds and migrate toward the crowded mid and upper mid market segments of the private debt asset class

DunPort’s Competitive Advantage

Bringing together the core components of our investment strategy and our investment offering yields our overall competitive advantage

Our Experience

DunPort has an experienced and disciplined investment team

Our Skillset

DunPort has in-house underwriting, restructuring and workout experience

Our Track Record

DunPort has a best-in-class track record working with institutional investors

Our Network

DunPort has a strong network to source deals across Ireland and the UK

Our Flexibility

DunPort has greater structural flexibility, and speed and certainty of execution

Our Approach

DunPort manages and monitors it’s portfolio of assets on an on-going basis and maintains a close relationship with it’s borrowers

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