Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) aspects of the businesses in which we invest are key considerations and are an integral part of our investment decision making process. DunPort has adopted a Responsible Investment policy to guide our investment and credit process to the companies to which we lend and the community in which we operate which we consider important to long term value creation.

Today, DunPort is a United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”) signatory, a public supporter of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) and the Paris Agreement. Download our TCFD Disclosure here: DunPort 2023 TCFD Disclosures 

The following considerations are adopted by DunPort and its team:

  • Assist portfolio companies with long term sustainable and ethical growth for the benefit of stakeholders, including employees, shareholders and partners;
  • Encourage performance related structures, by matching business improvement and financial rewards, both internally and where appropriate within portfolio companies;
  • Integrate ESG considerations with new investment appraisal methodology and ongoing portfolio management activities;
  • At all times, consider and adhere to stringent anti-corruption ethics and policies;
  • Manage public relations relating to DunPort and portfolio companies effectively and in accordance with the best interests of stakeholders;
  • Act as a responsible steward of investors’ capital; and
  • Represent DunPort, portfolio companies, investors, employees and other stakeholders with integrity

We are delighted to publish our most recent Responsible Investment policy which we will continue to review and enhance on a continual basis. Download here: DunPort RI Policy

Having a clear picture of our total carbon emissions helps benchmark our climate performance and identify areas for improvement. Our total Scope 1 emissions for financial year 2022 were 6,354 (kg/CO2) and our total Scope 2 emissions were 6,750 (kg/CO2) and 96,699 Usage (kwh).